3S Rest Day 1-29-30

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 9.04.13 AM
Gray Cook & Kelly Starrett

Community MWod Video: Gray Cook On Injury Prevention Screening and Setting Movement Pattern Baselines

We all agree that we need to move better. We all agree that identifying faulty movement patterns is part of the coach’s job. We even probably all agree that injury prevention and performance are two sides of the same coin. Why then are injury rates climbing in every sport on the planet? (True Fact)

You’ve seen the injury statistics that we have posted on this site. There are about a million non-combat related orthopedic injuries in the Army, every year, for example.

What we know, is that something is not working. We are fitter and stronger than ever, and more injured, than ever.

Gray Cook (physio-super brain), swung by SFCF last week to hang out a bit. We talked him into jumping on camera and talking about one of the tools he co-developed (with Lee Burton), to identify deficiencies in movement patterns, and establish simple baselines of movement competence. There is no doubt we can do better.

Kstar                                                               Mwod post 1/28


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