Freestyle Connection Seminar w/ Carl Paoli

Freestyle Connection Seminar
I had the opportunity to attend my second Freestyle Connection Seminar with Carl Paoli, Gymnasticswod and SFCF, this weekend.

The Freestyle Connection Seminar begins with Carl setting the foundation for the day in an engaging, clear, and to the point philosophy of movement. Few speak with Carl’s passion, clarity, and application.

Gymnastics elements set the stage to delve into a discussion about movement and applying the foundational elements of position, movement, and purpose across all situations. This foundation transfers to sport performance, S&C training, weightlifting, and each purpose a coach or athlete has.

Hands on learning sessions move through progressions for the foundational elements of the hollow rock, handstand push up, pistol, muscle up, and burpee. Carl demonstrates how a coach may use different progressions when working on the same skill with different athletes based on the athlete’s purpose/goals, and where the athlete is within the progression. Next, he moves to self cuing through a progression. This applies to self coaching, and what you give an athlete to use when independently working on a skill.

A distinctive quality that sets Carl apart from others is his ability to take a movement, even a seemingly simple movement, and explain it in a way that people understand by telling the athlete what to do with their body.

I highly recommend attending this seminar to athletes, and coaches of all sports, and events. A new dimension and understanding is brought to the progressions on the GWOD through Carl’s demonstrations and feedback during the hands on sessions.
Carl connects the dots on how these individual elements transfer to improved performance. He fills in the gaps for athletes and coaches to better understand why these elements are critical to the improvement process. Carl illustrates through the day the impact of mastering foundational movement & position, and how applicable proper positioning with bodyweight elements transfers to more complex skills and sport performance.

In Greg Glassman’s words, “The magic is in the movement” and this can not be better illustrated as it is during the Freestyle Connection Seminar. The GWOD is an outstanding resource that can be applied to various aspects of performance.


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