3S Rest Day10-2-13 Why Sitting Wrecks Your Mad Hip Action

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Why Sitting Wrecks Your Mad Hip Action

Hey Mwoders,

Lately at the  SFCF Lab, we’ve been noticing the impact of lots of sitting on many of our best athletes.  Part of the problem is knowing that you have a problem.  Imagine keeping your elbow bent at 90 degrees and your shoulder bent at 90 degrees.  For literally 100′s of hours a week.  Seriously.  You’d be so stiff you’d be hard pressed to get your hand to your face during breakfast.  Search sitting, desk bound, standing desk in the search feature and you’ll come up with a MobRx for this modern horror.  The easiest way to get hold of your shoulder and back pain, and to improve your performance is to literally look at sitting as toxic.  Period.  And by the way, there is no gray area here.  You can’t smoke cigarettes and jog it out.  You can’t eat little chocolate donuts and then skip dinner.  Neither can you sit all day and then get up for two minutes every quarter hour.  You were not built for it.


Ps. If you think it was my dream as a young man to lecture good athletes about the importance of posture and not sitting, you’d be wrong.  It’s an ugly part of the job letting people know they are in denial.

Pss.  Carl Paoli doesn’t sit. Ever.  He rests in a handstand.

Pss. Bill Henniger should know better.



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