Freestyle Connection Seminar w/ Carl Paoli 10-12-13

October 12 Canton, Ma
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CF Level 1, Active Military, Fire, Police, Rescue receive a discount on reg.

Course Content

This seminar is appropriate for coaches, trainers, and athletes of all levels who are familiar with CrossFit and/or training using functional movements. The main takeaway from this seminar is Coach Carl’s “Position-Movement-Purpose” framework with which you can analyze and dissect all movements, no matter how complex, to learn how to safely and efficiently train and perform these movements to build a bigger foundation, by which you could develop your own progressions and skill transfer opportunities to perform higher level movements adaptable to any type of training and any sport.

Specifically, Coach Carl will use the framework to demonstrate the interrelationships between achieving ideal Positions, quality functional Movements, and performing for a Purpose. Coach Carl will also provide a number of concepts, tools, and lenses to within the framework to enable you to analyze movements and be able to break them down into basic progressions appropriate for athletes of any level. These concepts include:

  • Understanding global vs. local motion
  • Training strength vs. skill
  • Pushing and pulling mechanics
  • Jumping and landing mechanics
  • Bilateral vs. unilateral loading
  • Changing orientation in space
  • Changing in points of contact
  • Changing base of support
  • Identifying mobility and flexibility issues
  • Training by blocking movement

    Hands-on Learning

    To effectively learn how to utilize these concepts and tools, all participants will have an opportunity to go hands-on and apply the framework and experience key progressions with the 4 most complex and challenging movements currently found in CrossFit training and workouts:

  • Handstand Push Up
  • Pistol
  • Muscle Up
  • Burpee

As a testament and validation to Coach Carl’s movement framework, the hands-on component of this seminar is also appropriate for participants of all age, skill levels, and experience.

  • New and beginner athletes can expect to practice Carl’s movement progressions starting from the most basic drills.
  • Experienced and advanced athletes can expect to use Carl’s progressions to identify weakness and holes in their performance to learn how to maximize their efficiency and performance.
  • Coaches and trainers can expect to have an opportunity to learn how best to coach, spot, and cue their athletes and clients for a broad variety of movements and scenarios.


No prior experience with gymnastics or body-weight training is required. However, the more you exposure you have had to gymnastics movements found in CrossFit, the more constructive this seminar will be for you.  You should have some context and knowledge of these movements to ask Coach Carl more challenging questions, and as a result you will likely grasp the presented concepts quicker and easier.

We recommend that all participants have taken an on-ramp or foundations course at their local CrossFit gym, and to also have spent some time viewing and trying the relevant progressions and workouts on as preparation for the seminar.


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