Becoming A Supple Leopard


“Becoming A Supple Leopard” provides exceptional insight into Kelly Starrett’ s true gift: his ability to connect the dots to unlock new performance standards to express one’s true athletic potential. Bottom line, athletes want to accomplish new performance standards and Kelly provides the map to identify and address the root of the performance limiters.

Kelly starts at the beginning to build another dimension to performance. He lays a base foundation of movement and movement principles that coaches and athletes understand and can apply to numerous situations. The foundation principles do not change whether competing, performing, training, or in everyday life.

Kelly establishes a mindset with the tunnel concept that bring a new awareness to the importance of the start position. The ability to recognize and address common faults within these fundamental positions within the system unlocks new performance standards and moves an athlete closer to expressing his/her true potential. He provides a model for organizing, having a strategy to set good position, and step by step instructions  & photos to illustrate  how to rectify elements limiting performance.

This book will play a crucial role in new performance standards set across all sports and athletic events.

Order Becoming A Supple Leopard here


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